Connect with people in your


for free

Corus is a free mobile app that lets you transform your residential community and locality from a group of isolated individuals into a powerful community of people.

Simply create your residential community and add its members in a few steps —and you will have your own free private social network.

You will also get automatic access to your locality, which is a common platform for all Corus communities in your locality.

So how does all this improve your life? 🤔

  • Get to know people nearby who have the same interests as you.
    Talk 😀 Laugh 😂 Hang out 🙂😁 Plan events 🥳 Make memories 📷 Create change ✌️😎
  • Make your locality safer and stronger by uniting together.
  • Know and share information about your interests, community, and locality.
  • And do lots more. Your imagination is the limit.

Corus has a variety of groups where you can share information, have discussions, or simply socialise with other like-minded people around you. 🙋‍♂️

Be it fitness 🏃‍♀️, music 🎸, cooking 🍝, gaming 🎮, fashion 💅, cars 🚗, news 🗯, pets 🐶 , local issues 📢, or just funny memes 😹 —there is a group for everything.

If it is not there, then you can simply make your own group.

And in case of an emergency, the Corus community can instantly unite
to make sure that you and your family stay safe.

With Corus, you can make your life more enjoyable and protected at the same time.

Start by joining your residential community, or create it yourself —for free.

Join or create your residential community on Corus for free. Invite other residents to it. Get access to a digital community that is exclusively for your residents.

Engage with each other with the many features available in your Corus community.

The Corus community runs on Groups, which can be created by anyone.
This helps you engage with like-minded people on topics that are relevant to you.

No more confusion from 25 different conversations running in a single group.

And give all those cringy “forwards” a special place —away from you. 😃

Your frontpage

Get a personalised feed of posts only from the groups you have joined.
Or switch to seeing posts from all groups of your community.

You are in control.

A useful directory of all the residents. Get to know how much
experience, skills, and influence all of you collectively hold.

As the saying goes…

Many of us are more capable than some of us,
but none of us is as capable as all of us.

Note: You can always choose to not be listed in the residents directory

Community information

Easily access all resources of your residential community —official contact details,
committee members, rules & regulations, documents and more.

Everything is now at your fingertips.

Your residential community on Corus is run by your selected members.
This means you have control of who is a part of it and how it grows.

We manage the stage, but you run the show.

Get automatic access to your locality

On joining your community, you also get automatic access to your locality.
This consists of all residential communities in your local constituency.
Break barriers with the larger community around you.

Your Corus locality too is managed by your volunteering members.
The power always stays with the people.

Take the conversation to the next level with locality groups.

Find a larger audience to connect with and do everything like: sharing cool stuff, asking questions, pursuing hobbies, and actually improving your locality.

And since all members are from communities within the locality, you don’t have the problem of fake profiles.

Everyone on Corus is real.

Know the experts among you

Your fellow members from key professions —
like doctors 👨‍⚕️, lawyers 👩‍⚖️, accountants 👨‍💼, and defence services 👮‍♂️
— get highlighted so that you know when you are getting an expert opinion.

You won’t believe the talent and professional advice that has been around you all this time.

Elected officials

Keep track of all your elected officials and their responsibilities towards improving your life.

Reach out to them together and help them meet your expectations so that they can once again earn your vote.

Government officials

The safety of your locality lies in the hands of government departments like the police, fire, and traffic.

Know the local officials in charge of these departments and contact them when you are in need. Help them serve you better.

Essential services

A dependable list of verified services like ambulances, hospitals, public work departments that best serve your locality.

Know the right number to dial when every second matters.

Important broadcasts

As a member of your Corus locality, you will also receive important broadcast messages from your locality managers.

In this way you can stay safe in case of emergencies, avoid fake news, and help other members who really need urgent help.

Living in an independent house?

Joining Corus makes sense for you even then.

Just add your residence as an independent house with the correct details of your locality. Your house will get its own community interface for your family members to use.

And more importantly, you will get access to your locality —which is a collective community of other independent houses and apartment complexes in your locality.

A great way to stay involved in the betterment of your greater community and overcome being a withdrawn introvert. 😅

Don’t you hate being forced to share your personal mobile number with everyone in a messaging group; especially when it has a lot of strangers?

The Corus team knows exactly how you feel. That’s why we give you complete control of what personal information of yours others can see. No more nuisance from spammers and creeps.

Corus also has a strong “Report” functionality. This helps to quickly weed out unwanted behaviour from your community.

There can be no civilization without civility.

Download the Corus app from the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS) and create your community. You can also create your community from here.

After receiving approval, you will get access to your community. Share your community’s invitation code with your fellow residents to get them to join.

See the list of all residents who have applied using the invitation link. Verify their details and give them your approval to join.

That’s it! Your Corus society is now active along with automatic access to your locality.

If you are your community’s admin, you can use the admin panel to manage your community. E.g. approval/reject join requests, manage members, and take action against reported content. Everything else can be done on the Corus app itself.

Ready to start?

Then you too are invited to participate in your local Corus community. Your team can use Corus to effectively interact with the actual residents of your locality. Save time by receiving issues that are always within your jurisdiction.

Every time you help out the people, your entire local Corus community becomes aware and appreciative of your commitment. And you further gain their trust and support. 🤝

  • Start by requesting for an invite to your locality. Select “I represent an Organization” option and provide your details.
  • After successful verification, you will get access to a special community within your locality for your team to use.
  • Now your team easily can interact with the residents of your locality, as well as among yourselves too.

Corus localities are best managed by people with a deep sense of commitment to their locality along with practical management skills.

To make sure that all Corus localities are always attuned with ground realities, only actual residents are selected to be Corus locality managers of their respective localities. We believe that every locality has talented people who can rally the community together, connect and work with public authorities, and transform your locality for the better.

If you or someone you know has the above qualities and aspiration, then email us on [email protected] with the subject “Application for locality manager of <locality name>, <city name>”. Provide details about your locality and why you are capable of managing it.

Once you pass the eligibility criteria, you will get access to your locality dashboard. Your journey as a locality manager will start from there. 😃🏁