Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is CORUS?
    Corus is a FREE platform that lets you connect with other members of your residential community in a safe and secure way without any hassle of fake profile and advertisements.

    You will also get automatic access to your locality, which is a common platform for all Corus communities in your locality.
  • What are the Advantages of using CORUS?
    1. Corus only has verified people who actually live in your community. No outside people allowed
    2. Get important alerts regarding your locality and community instantly. Know what’s happening
    3. Join or create groups based on your interest
    4. You are not forced to share your private details with everyone. Be social, but also be safe
    5. Women can access groups that are exclusively visible to them only
    6. A handy list of all the residents in your community
    7. Get details of all political and civic officials serving your locality
    8. All your Corus communities (residential and locality) are managed by your fellow residents
  • How to Register on CORUS?
    To register your society/community on CORUS for first time, you need to Apply here for an invite with relevant details like Society Name, Address, location etc. Once our team verifies the details, registration will be completed and a notification will be sent.

    If the society is already registered on Corus, simply reach out to your society admin to request for a member invite.
  • Who can request for an Invite on CORUS?
    Any resident or a committee member or the manager of the society can request for the invite.
    Once the application is approved, the requested person would become the default admin for the society and would be able to add other members via a dedicated admin portal.
  • How can I access and download CORUS??
    CORUS is a Mobile only platform available for android & iOS operating systems. There is no Desktop version available.
  • Is our Data safe?
    We respect the privacy of all users. No personal details are shown/shared to anyone unless you wish to. We have taken utmost care of user privacy in CORUS.
  • Are there any Ads?
    CORUS is complete free of advertisements.